Handmade jewelry
Unique handcrafted gifts
Welcome to Hope's Closet!
Hope's Closet Designs ~ wearable art and unique handcrafted gifts
In Hope's Closet you will find many treasures -- jewelry and other unique gift ideas -- all handmade
by Hope's Auntie Amy!

This site is still under construction but eventually I hope to be able to not only show off my pieces
but have them available for sale through the website as well.  

Please feel free to look around, I already have many photos of my work posted, and I'm creating
new designs all the time so I'll be adding new ones frequently! Click on any photo to see a larger

All of my pieces are unique and custom orders are encouraged, so if you're looking for a
special gift, I can work with you to create what you want within your budget.

If you see something you like and want to place an order -- or even if you just want to let me know
what you think of the website -- go to the "contact us" page and drop me an email!  
Auntie Amy says: "Don't worry ... bead